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Black Dragon Kickboxing K1 Martial Arts School Cavan

Meet the Team

Black Dragons Cavan is fully affiliated and ran under the rules and codes of conduct of Black Dragon Ireland and the International kickboxing Federation.
The instructors, combined, have over 35 years of experience of martial arts between them.
All our instructors are required to complete a training in coaching and instruction so that all our programmes are delivered to the highest standards.
They also must hold up-to-date certification in first aid and must have completed a child protection course.
In accordance with existing laws, all instructors are fully vetted and insured.


Larry McQuaid instructor

Sensei Larry has been training for more than 25 years. He is a 4th Degree Instructor and has trained extensively in many different styles of martial arts in order gain a fully rounded combat experience, which include BJJ, Judo, Wing Chung, Aikido, Japanese jujitsu, Karate & Thai kickboxing. He is an all-rounder in martial arts and is particularly masterful at Joint Restraints and weapons and knife defense. He worked his way through college teaching martial arts to other students and friends, to obtain a degree in coaching and business. He also holds a diploma in strength and conditioning and is a qualified personal trainer and gym instructor. This means that any student or client under his instruction is brought to the highest levels. A deeply passionate instructor Sensei Larry runs a strict and disciplined training regime and hopes to bring students to their full potential.


Aingeal McQuaid instructor

Sensei Aingeal is committed to helping every student improve their lives, both inside the academy, and in life. As an instructor she has learned that patience, creativity, and attention to detail can help other’s reach their full potential. Aingeal has a passion for self-improvement and helping others reach their personal goals. She received her black belt in 2009 and began instructing shortly after. She earned her 2nd degree black belt in 2011, and her 3rd degree black belt in 2015. She has trained in many different styles of martial arts such as karate, kempo, kickboxing, kung fu, Aikido. She has also trained in various weapons defence and is also an accomplished fitness instructor, having gained a Diploma in kids coaching, fitness, gym instruction & personal training.


Black Dragon Cavan kickboxing K1 was established in Cavan 15 years ago. BDC kickboxing K1 syllabus involves a wide variety of strikes, joint locks, controlled takedowns, grappling restraints, and releases, covering every possible means of protecting yourself in a self-defence situation. There is a natural progression for students in order that they can learn more techniques. We train in the environment of a traditional dojo using the values of eastern martial arts teaching styles.


Black Dragon Martial Arts Academy Cavan Kickboxing K1
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